Monday, January 23, 2017

Puzzle Toy Review

We received this toy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own and we were not compensated in any other way.

One of the best ways to keep a dog occupied and out of trouble is to give them something else to do that they find fun. And one of the best ways to tire out a dog is to make them use their brain to figure things out. This month, I had the chance to review the Busy Buddy Jack toy from and I find it a great option to do both.

Chewy Jan-2583

The Jack comes with a few treat circles to put onto the toy. They are made of compressed rawhide bits, which isn't my favorite. But since they aren't bleached, aren't a solid chunk, and can only be taken apart in small bits with this toy, I am okay with using them occasionally.

Chewy Jan-2585

The Jack comes completely apart so you can put on new treat circles. It is adjustable in difficulty depending on how you put it together, and has a few different options, so even dogs who are quick to figure things out can get the game changed up on them.

Chewy Jan-2587

This assembly used all four of the discs that came with the Jack, which isn't really how it is supposed to go, but it works. You change the difficulty based on where the discs are in relation to those green rings on the toy. I figured I would put all the discs on and see how the dogs did with the various difficulty in placement all at once.

Chewy Jan-2586

As for how the dogs liked it, Ptera honestly had zero interest in it at first. Koira, on the other hand, loved it right off the bat. She worked for a good hour+ on this toy, and managed to get two of the rings completely, and parts of the others. The ends of the Jack did get a bit chewed up by her, but no chunks of plastic came off the toy in any place, so I would say it stands up to strong chewing pretty darn well- though of course you should supervise your dog with toys like these, especially when you first introduce them. Once Koira had chewed the toy up a bit, it also became much more appealing to Ptera. That tends to be the case with chew toys, she likes them better if Koira chews them up a bit first.

Chewy Jan-2592

So my overall impression is that this toy is super durable, has the ability to occupy a dog for an extended period of time, and is overall a great option on a rainy day. This is the size Medium, meant for dogs 20-50 lbs. If you have multiple dogs who will be sharing this toy, I recommend getting the toy sized for the largest of your dogs, as a large dog may be able to more easily destroy an undersized toy.

Refill discs are available for the toy in multiple rawhide flavors, and, if you don't want to give rawhide to your dog at all, there are both dental rings and joint supplement rings available as refills.

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