Friday, July 29, 2016

Chewy Review: Kong Cat Wobbler

Koira eats out of a Kong Wobbler often when she has kibble. I love that it makes meal time last, gives her some entertainment, and makes her active for a little while. Some days, when I am super busy, or sick, feeding her out of the Wobbler makes me feel less like a horrible pet parent for not taking her out for actual play or walk time. And she just loves the Wobbler, so often gets it even when walks and playtime do happen.

All of that to say that when offered me the opportunity to try out the Kong Cat Wobbler, I was pretty excited. Theodore is a bit of a pig when it comes to eating. I normally put his food into a food puzzle bowl (the same purple ones I use for the dogs) where he has to fish it out with his foot, one kibble at a time, or put the food just scattered inside a cardboard box, so he can't just chow down on food in a bowl.

The tail on the top of the Cat Wobbler was an immediate hit when the toy was empty, and Theodore Trex basically fell in love with it. Unfortunately, when I stuck food in it, he lost all interest in the tail completely and just tried to push his nose or paw through the hole to get the food. I found the base of the Cat Wobbler to be really heavy, and it seemed like rather than tip over, it scooted when Theo messed with it. He ended up getting frustrated and walking away. So ultimately it didn't work great for him, though I am sure there are cats who absolutely love it.

But, since I had this new toy, I figured I would try it with Ptera. She has never been able to figure out the Kong Wobbler we have, but I thought the tail on the top might be tempting. And I was right. With a little encouragement, she figured out how to hold onto the tail in her mouth and paw the toy so that it would spin and release some food. Rinse, repeat. The tail did end up falling off after about 20 minutes of Ptera using it, but it is not exactly designed for jack russells to use, and I doubt your average cat would cause that much damage to it. Bonus though, Ptera learned how to use the Kong Wobbler by interacting with the Cat Wobbler like this. Which means that both Koira and Ptera can get Wobbler meals and entertain themselves for a little while.

Ultimately, I think this is a good toy. It might be too heavy for small cats, or cats who give up easily. But I found it to be great for teaching a puppy how to play with a food toy that she previously was totally baffled by. I was a little surprised when I got it and the Cat Wobbler was the same size as the Kong Wobbler for dogs that I already had (I have the smaller of the two dog sizes). And I plan on repairing the tail and seeing if I can teach Theo how to use it with a little more time, because I think he really would like it if he figured it out. And at less than $8 right now, I figure it is worth trying out.

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