Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Flyball Training with a JRT Puppy

Happy Wordless Wednesday. How about a silly picture of Ptera, and then some videos of her flyball training so far?

Bald Hill April-7527
Silly little puppy

I've been videoing Ptera's training sessions since bringing her home. She is a puppy, so we are taking it easy on the jumping, but she is a quick, eager to learn pup.

Here is our first ever session of over-and-backs:

And passing drills with a small dog:

....and with a big dog:

We also just introduced the wall board last week.

Lets just say that I'm thrilled with where we are right now. I'm not going to push her, and I want all of the basic concepts solid for her before we move on. But I'm happy with where we are, and am looking forward to the months to come.

And of course Koira is having a blast as well. She may be 8, but I have a feeling she has many years of flyball left to run.