Saturday, April 30, 2016 Review: Cosequin Minis let us review some Cosequin Minis joint supplements for small dogs this month. Now, Ptera is a puppy still, and has no apparent joint issues. But I'm of the opinion that it is never too soon to start helping maintain your dog's healthy joints.


These Cosequin Minis were perfect for Ptera. They are small enough for her to easily eat, and soft enough to chew up. Plus, she really liked them. I've been using them as the treat she gets when she goes in her crate before I leave for work, and they are tasty enough to her that she happily leaps into her crate in anticipation when she sees me grab the bag.

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Since she was moving fine before starting these, I can't say for sure what effect they have had. But, I feel like a small dose, regularly given, of a joint supplement can only help a growing dog develop strong bones and healthy joints. The Cosequin Minis are obviously a good choice for a small dog, since they are appealing, small, and easy to chew. Ptera has had no stomach or digestive upset since starting them. I would certainly recommend these to anyone with a small dog (Ptera weighs 10.5 lbs, as of her most recent vet visit). At 12.99 per bag right now, they are affordable as well.

As always, while did provide us with this product in exchange for a review, we were not compensated in any other way, and all opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

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