Saturday, May 14, 2016


Tulip season has passed. We're waiting on the lavender to bloom now.

Luckily, while the tulips were still going strong I found an adorable little local tulip farm, and stopped by one morning to get some photos. Pallo's new mama came along to be my photo assistant, and brought Pallo for his glamour shots.


He wasn't really into the posing thing...

Koira of course is a pro at posing. She wasn't so sure about the stool we had her standing on with her back legs, and tried to come through the window a few times. Pallo's mama is inside the building steadying her and keeping her from leaping forward.


Ptera was, and still is, new to posing, but I think she managed to rock it pretty well. She is a happy, eager to please little dog. She is super smart, so while it can take a little bit of explaining what you want, once she figures it out, she does her absolute best to do it.


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