Monday, April 4, 2016

Raw Meal Mixers Review

For March, I was lucky enough to review two different items for Of course, when I was planning out my month, I had no idea I was about to bring home a 6-month-old Jack Russell puppy, so things got a little crazy. I've fallen a bit behind in my planned blogging. That said, I did make sure to try this awesome product with both dogs (and the cats too, because they insisted).

Stell and Chewy's
Beef Meal Mixers

Stella and Chewy's is a company that does freeze dried raw pet foods. The do both full meal items such as their freeze dried meal patties, and freeze dried raw toppings, which you can then add to kibble, wet food, or actual raw meals you prepare yourself. The toppings come in little nuggets that actually work well for treats too, so if you feed an all raw diet and have trouble finding/making treats for your dog, these are a great option for that too- just remember, they are raw, so be just as careful with food handling as you would with any other raw meat.

March Beach Camping-6802

I tried out the beef flavor meal mixers, but they do come in four different flavors- chicken, beef, turkey, and salmon & cod. They do contain more than just the protein listed, so if your dog has food allergies, make sure to read the ingredient list. That said, all of the ingredients are really high quality, so outside of allergens, I had no reason not to feed these. Especially because they are made in the USA with USA materials.

The bag of mixers comes with a convenient little scoop that you can use to get the toppings out with. Or you can just dump, or grab with your hands (remembering to wash afterwards, just like you should after touching any raw meat, or any dog food, for that matter). Both Koira and Ptera absolutely went bonkers for these added to their kibble. They are a bit too big to work in the Kong Wobbler for Koira, but that was seriously the only downside I saw to these.

March Beach Camping-6836
Rapt attention

As treats, they are pretty easy to break into smaller pieces without crumbling too much, though it is easier if you go with the grain of the meat. They don't disintegrate horribly like some freeze dried products when carried in a treat pouch, which was nice, but will disintegrate worse if you rip them into smaller pieces earlier, so I just ripped them up as I doled them out.

Overall, I think these are a great way to add some raw to your pet's diet. If you feed all raw already, they make a great raw treat that travels well. Crushing them up and putting them on raw meat makes the meat more enticing for a beginner raw fed dog or cat. And adding them to a meal of kibble gives your dog a bit of the benefit of eating raw with absolutely minimal work on your part.

As usual, while we were provided with this product free of charge in exchange for our review, the content of this review is entirely our own, and we were compensated in no other way.

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  1. I didn't realize how little Ptera was!

    I've been considering adding these into the dogs' rotation. I'll check them out!