Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Lamb Lung Bites

For the month of May, Chewy.com sent us a new product from Natural Balance. The Wild Pursuit line from Natural Balance is high protein and grain free. We received the Lamb Lung Bites treats to review. The rest of the line includes three flavors each of dry kibble and canned food.

May Chewy Review-0308
Lamb Lung Bites

The Lamb Lung Bites are 100% New Zealand lamb lung, making them great for dogs with pretty much any allergy, as well as dogs who simply enjoy treats.

May Chewy Review-0327
Much concentration is required.
The treats themselves are on the large size. In my opinion, they are too large to use as training treats unless you use one as a jackpot at the end of a session. They take a while for a dog to crunch up and are too large to just go down the hatch. I also found them really difficult to break into smaller pieces, so wouldn't recommend them for super small dogs.

That said, these are a high value treat for my dogs. They are large enough to be easy to find if dropped into grass. And they do make a great jackpot reward for after a great training session. I've also found myself using them as a treat when the dogs crate up before I leave the house. In the end, it's not like every treat needs to be a tiny, easily eaten training treat. And at just $7.49 for a bag (with a good number of treats), I would use them again in the future.

May Chewy Review-0317

May Chewy Review-0318
And catch.

At the end of the day, these are a good, enjoyable treat for the dogs, with a great short ingredient list that gives some peace of mind.

Disclaimer: We were sent these treats for free to review. The opinions expressed here are entirely our own, and we did not receive any additional compensation outside of the bag of treats. 


  1. I was shocked to find out that Lamb Lung was good for my doodles and how much they loved them. Nice review.

  2. Hahaha! Love her eyes bugging out in the catch photo!! :-)
    Sounds yummy!

  3. My dogs ADORE lamb lung treats! Super high value.

  4. These look really tasty. We recently received some lamb lung treats but have not had a chance to try them out yet.

    I have to say your photos are fantastic! Absolutely stunning!

  5. They sound like delicious tasting treats :) Pawesome photos :) Milo & Jet

  6. Our pack is all for short ingredient lists, and we definitely like to be able to pronounce ALL ingredients listed! If we can't, the treats won't make it into our shopping bag :-)
    You're right that not every treat needs to be super small; I like the idea of a "jackpot" treat. I'd use one of those for a great off-leash & recall session! I DO like treats from New Zealand ~ they tend to be on the extra healthy side!

  7. Vof vof, Nero here - I wouldn't do that! You do have patient! Great faces! x Nero