Friday, May 8, 2015

Fit Friday: Hiking

Earlier this week, I met up with my mom and went for a hike with her and the dogs. I am working all day on Mother's Day this weekend, so it was kind of our mother's day get together.

We went to Beazell Memorial Forest, which is between Wren and Kings Valley here in Oregon. It isn't too long of a drive, and the trails there are beautiful. I had forgotten how much elevation gain there is though.

After our hike, I took a few minutes to get some pictures of the dogs. There is a big barn that gets rented out for weddings and other events, and I thought it was a really nice backdrop along with the wood fence to get a few pictures.

Beazell National Forest May 5th Facebook-0278

I even had Pallo do some balance/core work on the fence. Koira was uncomfortable with doing that due to the traffic we could hear on the road, so I didn't even try with her.

Beazell National Forest May 5th Facebook-0293

I did talk her into posing with Pallo for one good picture though. They are both looking at someone who just pulled into the parking lot.

Beazell National Forest May 5th Facebook-0284


  1. Pallo and Koira are adorable. It helps that you have great photographic skills and can catch such endearing expressions!

  2. Nice balancing work. That last photo is adorable! Thanks for joining the hop!

  3. Great photos! I love the balancing on the fence shot you got!

  4. Way to go, Pollo! I love the balance exercise on the fence! I'll have to try that with our pups! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  5. They are too cute! That looks like a great place to go!

  6. I love that last picture of Koira and Pallo. They're beautiful dogs! :)

  7. Great balance work! I can't imagine getting Jack up on top of something like that though!

  8. Looks like a great place for a hike and a little work out.