Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Cinna-Bone

This month, Chewy.com sent us some Solid Gold Cinna-Bone treats to review. They are a crunchy biscuit type treat, which I normally use more for a treat when I leave in the morning than for training.

The bag of treats. Nice big bag, with lots of cookies in it.

The instant I opened the bag, I could smell the cinnamon, and it smells amazing this time of year.

Both dogs were on full alert the second they heard the crinkle of the bag, and their noses started sniffing when the bag actually opened up. So I then proceeded to torture them with the treats before letting them enjoy.

Pallo looks like a beached seal or something.

Koira just concentrates hard.

And I just love her expression when I say "okay"

At ten dollars for a 1 pound bag of these treats, I would say they are well worth if it you feed your dog biscuits. And this time of year, the cinnamon scent and flavor gives it a nice festive feel. Imagine getting creative and making a pumpkin frosting for these! Or even crushing them up and using them as the crust for a dog-friendly pumpkin pie.

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  1. Those are some great shots of your pups. I bet they really enjoyed those biscuits!