Thursday, October 16, 2014


What a relief. Our classic fall rains have finally started. I was getting really tired of nothing but hot, clear days. Having our standard fall weather back is a big relief, even if I did discover yesterday that my shoes have holes in the bottom of the soles, soaking my feet. Pro tip: the time to buy new shoes is before they develop holes in the soles, not after.

Even with the heat on in the house, it is a bit chilly, so the cave bed is once again one of the most popular places for the dogs in the house. This morning, two feet are all I could see of Koira.

Her cute little feetsies. 

We are off to a flyball tournament up in Washington this weekend, so wish us a fun time, clean runs, and dry weather for camping!

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  1. Aw, love that photo of her cute paws. We have been having gorgeous fall weather here, although we had rain for several days last week. I work at a doggie hotel, and the dogs were NOT enjoying the rain at all!

  2. Good luck at your tournament!

    We were talking the other day about shoes and cobblers. You are probably too young to remember, but when I was a kid and you got a hole in your shoe you took it to a cobbler and had it fixed. But today shoes have clued rubber or plastic soles and can't be fixed (they need to be leather and stitched). I think the subject came up when the sole of my shoe split. :(

    Thanks so much for joining the hop. I am off to check out your give-away!

  3. You don't read very often that someone was hoping for rain because they're sick of the hot, clear days :) I must say I'm a huge fan of autumn and I'm loving the cooler weather. I always buy shoes once the soles have worn out, what other way to shop is there? I agree though, it's good advice, I always regret how I procrastinate such things.

  4. Such a cute pic! The cave bed sounds nice-it's very chilly in our house!