Friday, October 17, 2014

Fit Friday: Flyball gear

I'm off to a flyball tournament this weekend with the dogs. I thought I would share some of the things I make sure to bring in our flyball gear bag today.

Flyball gear-8947
Gear all laid out
Some of the essentials for us include crates (of course!), tug toys, vet wrap, skid boots, treats for during the day, an extra bowl, the gear bag, and the poop bags that are attached to the gear bag.The thing in the bag on the left side of the photo is Koira's Back on Track jacket, which helps keep dogs from getting stiff when they are exercising. She gets it put on before racing, taken off during the race, then back on between races to help keep her limber. The vet wrap and skid boots are also for Koira, who has delicate feet. Pallo has feet like steel.

All of it fits together into the pink bag (which was actually a prize at a previous flyball tournament).

Flyball gear-8948
All packed together
Not pictured here are the crate mats (or in Koira's case, bed for in her crate), or any of the basic essentials for overnight stays, such as food. This is really just the stuff that I keep in a bag at our crating area, so that all the essentials are in one place. 

What stuff do you pack for your weekends, be they flyball, agility, hunting, hiking, or any other activity?

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  1. My dogs always have more stuff for events or trips than I do! I once bought myself two custom made dog stuff totes and just a few months later wished I had a third! With all the obedience, agility, treibball and freestyle gear plus the dogs I think I need a bigger car sometime soon too!

  2. It's kind of amazing how much paraphernalia our dogs need...Great bag for carrying their stuff!

  3. Love that bag! When we travel we have a huge bag, but if we are just going to our sports, we have a bag for each one. We have our joint nose work bag with Bailie and my stuff together, and Bailie has her tracking bag. It makes it easy to just grab and go. Thanks for joining the hop.

  4. Very organized...I like it! I don't have a bag packed but my car is sort of like a big one...haha. I always have various treats, a portable water dish, a jug of water, a couple chuck-its, tons of tennis balls, towels, leashes, light-up collars in case we're out late, plus vet wrap for Kaya. She has sensitive feet & legs too.

  5. What an awesome prize that bag was!

    I pack similar stuff for Elka when we travel on vacation. Tug toys, lots of toys, treats, a spare set of bowls, a waterproof collar and leash (we go to the beach when we can!), Doggles, poop bags. It goes in a big canvas L.L. Bean style bag I got from...Doberman Rescue Unlimited? I think so, but I can't remember now for sure.

  6. My agility bag is a nice canvas bag I got from LLBean. It has 6 large, open pockets on the outside, and a huge zippered interior. Around the outside, in the pockets, are 1)a water bottle, 2)another water bottle,3) my agility trial log book/reading glasses/hairbrush (for me!)/pen 4)two leashes 5)first aid kit/penknife/misc. crap and 6) many poop bags. On the inside are two metal water bowls, a variety of treats, a crate cover so Jimmy will shut his yapper while waiting to run, another leash that is suitable for tugging, clips, 2 home depot canvas tie-on nail holders that doubles as a treat holder....oh, and lots of dog hair and loose dirt.

  7. I love that bag!!

    Our flyball travel contains: water bowls, tugs, harnesses, treats, primal freeze dried, benadyrl (in case Sophie gets bitten or stung, she blows up like a balloon), sunscreen for me is stuck in their bag, two crates, two crate covers, two crate mats and leashes. I always feel like I am going to forget something but usually if I do my teammates have extras of whatever i need :-D