Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tasty Tuesday Chewy Review

The dogs are always excited about reviewing treats and foods from Chewy.com and this month, we got to review not one, but TWO different kinds of treats. Technically, one of the treats is for cats, but in this house, that meant that both the dogs and the cats had a chance to sample it.

So, first up is the brand-new treats from Orijen, Original Freeze-Dried Cat Treats. I think most people who have ever used Orijen know that they make some great products. I was excited to hear about their new line of freeze dried cat treats, both to use with my cats and to use as a smaller training treat for my dogs.

Martha sampling an Orijen freeze dried treat
These treats are made of the classic good quality ingredients (chicken liver, turkey liver, boneless chicken, boneless turkey, boneless flounder) that Orijen always uses. They aren't nasty stinky like some freeze dried treats can be, though they do have a slight odor. The size is great for cats. A few of the treats were a little larger so I broke them in half, but they work as cat treats in the size they come in as well.

Koira with an Orijen freeze dried cat treat on her nose
 The size is also perfect for a small training treat for dogs. They are big enough for the dog to get a decent taste and be willing to work for them (and my dogs are certainly willing to work for these!), but small enough to make it reasonable to give a lot of them in a training session. I would likely add this to a mix of a variety of training treats, since I like the dogs to get different tastes and textures throughout training to keep things fresh and motivating.

Martha didn't appreciate me giving cat treats to the dog.

Our other treat to review is from Fromm, another great brand. We tried their Grain Free Lamb with Cranberry Treats. These are a crunchy baked treat rather than a soft treat, but the dogs really liked them. I used a few of these as bedtime trick treats (asking for a series of basic tasks like sit pretty, down, stand, etc before giving the treat) and the dogs were big fans. Such big of fans, in fact, that one of the dogs went counter surfing and stole the rest of the bag off the counter! My dogs aren't normally counter surfers, so you know they really enjoyed these treats.

Of course, it does mean I not only have no pictures of the bag (which was shredded into tiny little green and black pieces decorating the carpet), but no adorable pictures of treats balanced on dog noses either. Safe to say, though, that these treats were a win for my dogs. I also really liked the size of them for a baked treat- small enough that I felt I could give a few of them at a time without fattening up my dogs, but big enough to make my dogs actually crunch them rather than attempt to inhale. The dogs liked these enough that I will likely be purchasing some more to use as bedtime snacks- at only $4.99 for a bag, they are a pretty affordable treat for the great quality.

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  1. Looking forward to getting in on these reviews myself. We have to move first, though, so there won't be any confusion about the shipping address.

  2. Those treats look pawesome and they are great ingredients too :)