Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Week So Far

I kept my promise to the dogs and we got out and to the park on Tuesday. 

On Sunday, we had flyball practice in the morning, and I worked in the afternoon. We did a little bit of trick training Sunday evening, but called flyball practice good for their daily exercise.

On Monday, I was planning to head to the park with the dogs since the sun was finally out (we have been buried in a bank of fog for the past week). But instead I got to wait around the house all afternoon after work, waiting for a plumber to come by and fix my leaky sink. We did some trick training, but that was about it.

Tuesday we got back out to the park. It was bright and sunny, the sun once again having broken through the clouds. It was still really cold though, just barely above freezing. I bundled up and put Koira's sweatshirt on her and let the dogs romp. 

Running in the setting sun

Sunset is so early this time of year that it really makes it hard to get out and play for very long. By the time I get off work, we only have a couple hours of daylight left. I should just be thankful that I get off work with any daylight left at all, I guess.

In her pink sweatshirt, FitBit attached to her leather braided tag collar along with her antler tag.
 All of these pictures were taken with my new camera and new lens. I don't think I've mentioned on the blog yet, but I got a new camera a few months ago. I also purchase a new lens for a steal on Ebay and have been playing with both of them quite a bit.

Pallo in the sunset haze- you can see the cloud of his breath in the cold air
My fingers basically froze despite my gloves, but the dogs played and ran and kept busy enough to stay pretty warm. I think Koira even wanted her sweatshirt taken off at one point when she ran so much she got hot, but I think she ended up liking staying warm as sunset got closer and the temperature started dropping.

Pink is such a good color on her
 There was no ball playing on this park visit. I don't bring balls along to the park most of the time. Koira won't go play and run if she knows I have a toy, but will instead stay right by me pestering me the entire time. I am fine with them playing fetch with other people and their dogs, as long as they are all okay with it. But, with no fetch, that doesn't mean the dogs didn't run. These two are great playmates. They play a crazy game of chase, wrestle a bit, go and sniff, repeat. No matter what else may be true about Pallo, he really was a great choice as a playmate for Koira. That role he filled, and continues to fill, extremely well.

We stopped to talk to some people for a while, and Pallo was whining. When he gets really upset and impatient, he does full open mouthed whines and little mini barks.

No pictures from Wednesday, but we did take a nice long walk in the afternoon. A friend of mine recently moved just a few blocks away. We've been trying to get out and take walks together a few times per week. That sort of fell apart with the holidays, but hopefully we will be getting back on track with it now. About halfway through our walk, my FitBit threw a party for me for reaching 10,000 steps (the goal to reach every day). By the end of the day, I had over 15,800 steps, which is really pretty good for a day that was spent half at work.

Oh, and I started a new Facebook group to help remind each other to get our dogs' nails trimmed every week. The group is called Thursday Nail Trims. The idea is to have a community that will help remind each other to stay on top of nail trimming. It is so easy to forget and let it slide sometimes. So far everyone in the group is pretty great- plenty of reminders to get the nails trimmed, motivational posts as people get their weekly quota done, and some great positive reinforcement when you get it all done. Of course, there is some teasing and mocking of those who forget, but it is very much in the way of friendly banter. Feel free to join the group if you think it would help you get nail trims done regularly!


  1. Sounds like a pretty good week. Awesome pictures! I'm loving your new camera :) I need to save up for one.

  2. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! What a pawesome time in the Park! Can I come play with you next time? I love the Park!

    Pee Ess I covered my person's eyes about the nail clipping thing. Cobi and I do not like nail clipping. Even though it comes with meat. We still do not like it. No thank you.

  3. Great week! I know what you mean about not having enough daylight hours. We start our morning walk when it is dark and finish 5 minutes after the official sunrise. While our afternoon walk begins nice and bright and if we have nice weather we can see a great sunset. It's better if I get my butt off the coach earlier right after I've had dinner instead of wasting time around the house like I often do!


  4. Those photos look so nice! I am jealous of your camera.

  5. Sounds like you all had a busy week-great pics too. Beautiful lighting, dogs, and focus :)

  6. Looks like a great trip to the local park :) Milo & Jet

  7. Hello! I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful pictures. Congrats on the new camera!

  8. Koira looks great in her pink hoodie! Kaya & Norman are great playmates also, though I normally bring the ball for Kaya because she loves it so much. Norman usually finds other dogs to play with:)

    Btw I need to join that group, I always forget!