Saturday, January 18, 2014


Reality check. Pallo is fat. 

Now, he isn't super fat, not yet. But he could stand to lose a few pounds for sure. His endurance (and Koira's, for that matter) isn't all that great right now. So, we need to work on this moving forward.

We went to the park yesterday. I realized while there that we haven't been to this park in a month, which means the dogs haven't had a long off leash walk in that long. Poor pups. 

 I tried to both give them a good workout and not over do anything, since they haven't run this hard in a while. I think they had fun. We saw a few new dogs, like the merle they are greeting above, and a few of our older park friends, like Manny in the next picture. They ran and played and fetched.

There may also have been some barking when the toy didn't get thrown quickly enough.

And my dogs may have been toy hoarders. Poor Manny has short little legs, even shorter than Pallo's. He couldn't get the ball from my guys even with faking them out and giving him a head start in the opposite direction. But I think he liked chasing them with the toy even better than having the toy himself. A good time was had by all.

Before heading home I got out the flirt pole for my guys. We didn't flirt pole for long, since they had already done some serious running playing fetch, but they both love the flirt pole. Koira gets rather loud and demanding with it which is why we can't really play with it at home. I don't want to annoy the neighbors with the shrieking barks she can make.

Overall, I think the dogs had fun. I just need to step up my game. After I got injured at work a year and a half ago, I couldn't really take the dogs to the park much. I couldn't throw a toy far. I couldn't even really take them for walks without hurting a ton just being vertical. It is easy to stay home watching movies or tv or messing around on the computer when you hurt if you leave the house. I tried to keep most of my injury nonsense off the blog, but I'm here to say, it definitely had an affect on my dogs. The habit of taking them to the park every single day, rain or shine, really fell apart then. And I can't beat myself up for the fact that I really couldn't do it. But I'm as much better as I will ever get, and my dogs need this.

So over the next few months I am going to make myself take them out- we have fun once we are out, it is just so easy to procrastinate going out, checking email, checking facebook, reading blogs. Once the habit is lost, it becomes so much harder to get it back. And my dogs need this.


  1. They look like they had an amazing time a the park. And, believe me I know first hand how easy it is to stay in and not go out... it's been so cold here I've practically been hibernating!

  2. Your photos are so beautiful. Looks like they had a blast!

    I know what you mean, habits are hard to get back once you lose them, even when you have a good reason to break those good habits.
    You definitely can't beat yourself up for it though, you needed to rest and heal.

    Good luck getting back into your good habits, it's difficult to get going, but it's worth it in the end. ;)

  3. The good news is that habits can come back rather quickly. Sounds like an awful time for you. The dogs will bounce back (and slim down). Looks like a fantastic, fun day at the park.

    Mango Momma

  4. It's ok that you got a little lax, but it's even better that you're willing to step up again and get back into it :) Your pups will sincerely thank you for it and they probably really enjoy getting out with it.

  5. Activity like that a few times per week is plenty with some training sessions thrown in for variety. They more they get, the more they'll need and at a certain point you're no longer conditioning but building unnecessary endurance. Don't beat yourself up too bad!