Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lure Coursing Fun

Over the weekend I managed to head down to a lure coursing practice with the dogs. I got off work a half hour after the practice had started, but we still managed to get there in time to do two runs each with the dogs.

Practice July 27th-6622
Lure coursing is her favorite!

This was our first time running with the reversing lure machine. Normally, we run with a drag lure. In drag lure, the string is only attached to the machine on one end, while the other end has the bags on it. After each dog runs, someone has to go grab the end with the bags and walk it back to the starting point.

Practice July 27th-6623
I just love the intense expression and the grass flying

Continuous loop lure is the kind most of the CATs are run on. This type of lure means that the entire lure string makes a giant loop that runs through the system of pulleys. No one has to grab the lure and move it back into position with this kind. To reverse it, though, the line has to be taken off of the machine and flipped around so it is pulled the other direction.

Practice July 27th-6624
Kill that lure!

The reversing machine is a continuous loop set up that has the ability to run both directions without having to adjust anything with the string. We were running straight aways with the reversing machine today, which was really fun. It is a great way to get dogs who like to cut corners, or who kind of fall off the lure and head back to their owners, to stick with the lure better, because the operator can reverse it and make it go in the opposite direction all of a sudden.

Practice July 27th-6616
This is Koira's butt as she is headed away from me shortly after I released her. All the other photos are from after the lure was reversed and she was headed back toward me again. The reversing lure is pretty awesome for taking photos!

Of course, for most of the dogs, it just meant that when they over ran the lure at the end of the straight stretch and turned back to go grab it, the lure operator made the lure reverse and run back down the straight stretch to where the handler had released the dog. It is a great way to build interest and drive for the lure. My dogs don't really need those built up anymore than it already is, but they sure had fun chasing it anyway!

Practice July 27th-6612
Don't worry, Pallo was there too, and had a blast!


  1. Looks like you guys had some fun. I always wondered what the lure looked like. From the pictures it looks like a plastic bag on a string. Is that what it is?

  2. Yes, exactly! The lure is a white plastic trash bag (exactly like the one you probably use in your kitchen trash can) tied onto the string that pulls it across the ground. So simple, but SO MUCH FUN!

  3. You can really see the strength in your dog while running - especially the hind end shot. Great photographs.