Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Can I Please Have the Cookie?

With a new bag of treats to review and a few hours of free time, I decided it was a perfect day to head down to the park. It was mostly cloudy all day in a kind of high up haze, which created an awesome light for photography. So, with a bag of Wellness Pure Delights treats for cats from Chewy.com, I set out to get some pictures.

Pallo says just get to the point already, can I please have a cookie?

Avery Park-7567
Please? I'm so sad without a cookie

Well, Pallo, what are you going to do for your cookie? Huh? Can you roll over? How about again?

Avery Park-7548
I'll roll over, but I will NOT take my eye off of those cookies

Then Pallo decided that he would just eat my face and steal the rest of the cookies.

Avery Park-7584
Eat your face!
Now, seriously, the dogs love these treats. Yeah, yeah, it says they are for cats. But you know what? I don't think the dogs care. If anything, it makes them taste better! I love the tiny size of these treats. It makes them great for doing training. I think these are the only commercially purchased treats that I have no desire to make smaller to use with training. They also don't stick together at all, and have a very mild smell that isn't unpleasant (though it doesn't exactly make my mouth water either).

For a bit of a size comparison, here is one of the treats dropping from the heavens into Koira's open mouth.

Avery Park-7470

And again, with a bit more of a sideways view of the treat

Avery Park-7455
Nom! With some slobber on the side...

Basically, they are little squares of a soft jerky. They are soft enough that neither of my cats had any issues with chewing them, which is a problem for my older cat with a lot of treats. Martha is missing quite a few teeth (she was missing them before I got her, so I have no idea what happened to them), so she tends to mouth at treats more than actually getting her teeth into them.


Overall, I would say these treats are a win with all of my animals, dogs and cats.

*Chewy.com provided me with these treats free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way, and was not required to give a positive review.

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  1. Interesting. Jones is strictly dog chews, but there are some that cats like, some of the chewy taffies. Hm. I know that my dogs LOVE cat food and treats. I've always heard that it's because cat food is saltier than dog food. And you're so right about the treats being the perfect size!

  2. I've never tried giving Dina cat treats but I might just give it thought. They do sounds really handy for training if they are so small and Dina does love anything soft. Thanks for the review!
    Dina Mom

  3. Those pictures of Pallo and Koira are amazing. We feed the dogs cat treats sometimes when the cat won't eat them. Nothing goes to waste here.

    We checked out the cheese factory and are at Mo's West for a quick bite. Then we are going to check out the Devil's Punchbowl. Thank you so much for the tips! We are having a blast. I would've loved to have shoot you a message about lunch, but alas, I have no data on my phone in the US and rely on WiFi hotspots.

  4. Oh wow what a big mouth you have :D really cool pictures.

  5. Oh! I would never have thought to use cat treats for training but that's brilliant! They're so tiny and quick. What a great way to think outisde the box.

    (PS - what large teeth you have Koira! You don't look nearly that "teethy" in person.)