Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bath Time

I just got an awesome product in the mail for me to review. It is a bar of flea repelling soap by Bubbly Seahorse Soap Company.

Bubbly Seahorse Soap-7667

I could tell I had gotten the soap the second I opened my PO Box, because my mail smelled AMAZING. The soap was packaged in a really nice bright pink mailing envelope, all wrapped up and padded. The dogs may have been slightly less thrilled than me about this, though, since it meant we would be having bath time.

Bubbly Seahorse Soap-7684

Neither of my dogs cares much for getting baths. They both tend to act pretty miserable about the entire thing, and do their best to hide when they know it is their turn.

Bubbly Seahorse Soap-7679

Now, you wouldn't be able to tell this based on the pictures of Koira. I honestly think that she really liked getting bathed with a bar of soap rather than liquid soap. The bar worked up a great lather. It was much easier to apply evenly to places like her chest, belly, and legs than a liquid soap. And Koira liked just getting rubbed with it. Of course, after a good rub all over with the bar, I then worked up a really nice lather with my hands and let it sit for a minute before rinsing.

Bubbly Seahorse Soap-7681

Pallo, on the other hand, managed to look totally lifeless in all the bath pictures of him. Silly boy. He knows he won't get out of taking a bath, so he just freezes. He'll collapse onto his side, too, if I don't prop him back upright.

Of course, a dog that freezes is also a dog who gets bars of soap balanced on their head.

Bubbly Seahorse Soap-7688

Then I started rubbing the bar of soap all over Pallo too. It worked equally well on his longer hair as it did on Koira's shorter fur. Koira almost needs skin products rather than hair products, she has such little hair. Pallo is probably a bit more normal as far as the amount of coat he has.

Bubbly Seahorse Soap-7690

And again, the bar soap worked up a really great lather on Pallo too.

Bubbly Seahorse Soap-7700

On both dogs, the soap also washed out easily. Some soaps I feel like it takes forever and a day to get them totally rinsed out, and I didn't find that the case with this one. Also, despite how powerful the smell of the soap was in my PO Box, it was not at all overwhelming during the bathing process or after the dogs were done with their baths. It just gave them a very faintly herb smell, which I found pleasant.

Pallo always takes a long time to dry. Koira died almost immediately in the hot weather. And Koira's coat was unbelievably shiny and soft, much more so than it is with our normal dog soap.

Bubbly Seahorse Soap-7713

Overall, I would definately recommend this soap based on just how well it worked for baths. I have no delusions that any soap will totally prevent any fleas from coming near my dogs, especially in this bad of a flea season, but I do have high hopes that it will help as another trick to repel fleas naturally.

You can find your own bar of flea repelling soap for just $4.50 at the Bubbly Seahorse Soap etsy shop. I think it is a great value for a great product.

*Disclaimer: I received a free bar of soap in exchange for posting an honest review. I only agree to review items I would actually purchase, and was not required to give a positive review.

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  1. Look at Pallo all standing still and not having to be wrassled into submission and junk. He's a bit of a show off eh? The soap sounds totally awesome though ;0)