Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rose City Classic Dog Show

I went to the Rose City Classic dog show on Friday. I had a great time, talked to a lot of people, spent some time shopping for the dogs, and took a lot of pictures.

I hear that in previous years, this show cluster has been bigger. There were still a ton of vendors and plenty of things to do for the day though.

Rose City Classic (10 of 26)

I started out watching some Open B in the obedience ring, but left once they started doing the sits and downs. Lets face it, watching obedience sits and downs is not a thrilling use of time (unless you have a dog in there, probably). This little Boston was hanging out outside the Rally ring, and was showing off her dancing skills.

Rose City Classic (5 of 26)
Leaping for joy

Over by the agility rings, I ran into this German Pinscher. I'm not sure I've ever met this breed in person before. About as tall as Koira is, but more slender, I got to see not only this dog's cropped ears and docked tail, but also the natural ears of another of the breed. Those golden eyes sure are gorgeous though.

German Pinscher
German Pinscher
Back over at obedience, this Malinois was showing off some attention work with their handler, who wasn't asking for it (but treating it anyway, because man, is this not cute?).

Rose City Classic (6 of 26)
Total Attention
I did, of course, wander over to the breed rings as well. I missed the Ibizan Hounds, who had shown first thing in the morning. I didn't make it until about 11. I did catch the Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the ring, as well as the Tibetan Terrier, the Xoloitzcuintili (whose name I was taught to say), and part of the American Eskimos. This little Yorkie was hanging out after showing, half napping and half just watching the world going by.

Rose City Classic (8 of 26)
Little princess
At the Meet The Breed tables, I met an American Hairless Terrier for the first time. It feels so strange to pet a dog and feel nothing but skin. Unlike the Xolo (who I did pet before he went into the breed ring), the American Hairless doesn't have any hair, and apparently has closed hair follicles, making them much softer and smoother. I also met the Chinese Crested on the table next to these guys, but didn't get any good pictures as they were being totally fawned over by everyone else.

American Hairless Terrier
American Hairless Terrier
This Siberian Husky is actually the first dog I took a picture of at the show, over at the FitPaws booth. FitPaws makes exercise equipment for dogs, including all sorts of stuff like peanut balls and wobble boards and more. The dogs there trying them out quickly were learning that standing on these strange things brings cookies.
Rose City Classic (1 of 26)
Siberian Husky 

Overall, I had a good time. I was sad to miss the Ibizans, especially since I didn't stick around long enough to watch the Hound Group go in the ring. But I got a chance to talk to quite a few people, watch obedience, rally, agility, and conformation, and do some shopping. I didn't get much, but did bring the dogs home some bully sticks and picked up some more dog shampoo and conditioner, as I ran out after giving the dogs their baths for Christmas. I am looking forward to going to the next local show, which for me is in Albany, OR at the end of February. How else will I get pictures of the more obscure AKC breeds if I don't go to shows?


  1. Great pictures. We are having a big dog show here soon and I have been debating on going or not.

  2. Fabulous pics! We have nothing like this in our area...I so wish we did!

  3. So many beautiful dogs and photos! You always capture them beautifully. I had never heard of a German Pinscher until now! A very handsome breed.
    The picture of the Yorkie and the Husky are my favorites, so cute!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  4. Cool! I'll try to talk someone into going with me. I'd love to check out the agility:)

  5. Great pics! But I have to say, the hairless breeds are not my cup of tea. Chinese Crested are pretty cute, and they make an awesome agility dog. Jimmy and I regularly compete against one in the 12 inch class, and we are always neck and neck with each other.

  6. What a great gallery of dog breeds! I agree that a hairless dog seems strange, lol.