Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Breed Challenge: Puli Obedience

I went up to the Rose City Classic dog show in Portland, OR on Friday. I have never been before and really wanted to go, and it was the only day off I had during the show. I thought the biggest dog show cluster in the PNW would be a good place to get started on my 2013 breed photography challenge.

I took a lot of pictures at the show, though no where near as many as I should have. Here is my favorite set of photos. This Puli and their owner were warming up outside the obedience ring and I snapped off a few photos of their warm up routine.

Rose City Classic (4 of 26)


Rose City Classic (3 of 26)
Come front

I am also trying out Lightroom 4 for the first time. I resist change a lot, even when I know change is good. So, I am forcing myself to use Lightroom by simply shooting only in RAW, because then, I have to use either Lightroom or Photoshop to edit the pictures, I don't have any other choice! I did do a bit of a cheat, though, and downloaded some free presets from the web. For the most part, I am using the presets to edit with, and then tweaking them a bit here and there to get the look I want. I am waiting eagerly for the Lightroom 4 book I put a hold on at the library to become available, so that I can hopefully step forward and master this program!

If you are doing the 2013 Breed Photography Challenge, how is the challenge going for you? Have you taken any good pictures of unique breeds yet? Are you planning to take any trips to some dog shows to get in those funky never-see-around-town breeds?


  1. I love that face in the first picture. I've never made it to the Rose City Classic. I keep forgetting until I find out too late and my weekend's booked.

  2. Great photos! I'm going to have to check our library to see if they have a copy of a Lightroom 4 book...that would be very helpful!

    We went to the Rose City Classic yesterday and had a lot of fun. My favorite part was watching agility!....and getting lots of freebies of course. It was my first time there too.

  3. Love the first one...all I see is dreads and a smile! I use photoshop a lot, but never lightroom. What's the main difference?

  4. Most unique looking dogs! I can't imagine owning one, but man do they ever look neat!

  5. What an interesting dog! I'll be going to the agility trials in Tulsa in March. What fun!
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  6. Such a neat dog...wonder how much they shed if at all?

  7. I didn't take my camera with me to flyball over the weekend, between waking up sick and our insane schedule I needed to sit/nap whenever I could get the chance! Next tournament is on Feb 9th, I will take my camera then, only running 2 dogs instead of 3 makes an easier weekend for me. :)