Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Photo Challenge: Join me?

I wanted to do a photo challenge for the new year. But, I am not good at doing the daily pictures. Themes always leave me feeling un-creative and lacking in ideas. Specific challenges make me want to rebel or make me bored with taking the same photo over and over.

So, I decided to create my own challenge, and I invite anyone else who is interested to join in. You can join with your blog, with Flickr, or any other way you choose to share your photos. This is not a daily, weekly, or monthly challenge. There is no limit to the number of pictures you can take to fulfill it. Take as many pictures as you want at a time.

Requirements for this challenge are pretty basic, and you can feel free to take your own spin on it if you would like. The basic idea, though? Photograph every dog breed in the AKC/UKC in the year 2013. Or, alternatively, photograph every dog sport. For extra challenge? Photograph every dog breed and every dog sport as a combination challenge. Feel free to pick your own kennel club if you are outside the United States.

Want to only take pictures of dogs actively competing in sports, and do that for all dog breeds? Great! Want to take pictures at only conformation shows, in the ring, and win pictures? Great! Want to photograph the widest variety of breeds possible, all while performing agility (or some other sport)? Great!

My personal goal for this will be to both photograph every breed in the AKC and UKC as well as every sport that is active in Oregon. My hope is that I will learn a lot about photographing dogs other than my own, and, at the same time, motivating myself to travel to different shows and competitions around my area to learn and photograph. My focus will be on quality of the pictures, trying to highlight something awesome about each breed and each sport.

Want to join? Let us know what you plan on using for your goal. If enough people are interested, I will put together a page with links to blogs who plan to participate. The Flickr group is open to everyone interested in the challenge, so feel free to join over there, whether or not you plan to post on your blog.


  1. What a neat idea! Can you share a list of all the AKC breeds?

  2. Awesome idea for a challenge! I look forward to seeing your results!

  3. I'm gonna have a go at this one.I'll just post the pics on my blog.:)

  4. Since Badger and Mushroom are mutts of unknown heritage, how about I just photograph them and label it with every breed? =)

  5. I so wish I had a better camera, I would do this in a heartbeat!

  6. This sounds like so much FUN! Count me in! My goal is going to be to photograph every breed in the AKC while they are participating in a sport.

    Oh this is going to be challenging, especially while I'm running 3 dogs in flyball at the same time! I'm just thinking about our schedule for this weekend (we're running on average every 3rd race in) and how I can fit in photography during that!