Friday, August 12, 2011

Shadows and water

This picture of my shadow standing next to Koira's shadow is from our hiking trip a few weeks back. I really like how it turned out, and am thinking I should spend some time focusing on shadow pictures and see if I can get some good ones.

This little stream was also from the backpacking trip. I just love the tilt on the picture and the way the stream looks like its going on forever.
Me and the dogs are off in the morning to go to a disc dog competition. I'm hoping Koira does better than at the Da Vinci Days competition. I'm planning on using a hard plastic disc instead of her soft disc. She likes to stop and chew on the hard plastic ones, so its running a bit of a risk, but I'm hoping she will keep motivated, bring it back to me, and work well. The hard discs are so much easier to throw steady that I think we will have a much better shot with those.

And for Pallo I found a small sized disc at Petco. I'm hoping the smaller disc will be easier for him to catch in the air. The regular size ones he pretty much has to wait for them to hit the ground more or less before they are even within range for him to catch. With the little one, throwing will be harder, but it might give his short little legs a chance to get that disc before it hits the ground.

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  1. Great photos. I love water shots! Good luck at the disc dog comp.

    I'm passing on the 7 links challenge to you. The details are on my latest post (which you've already read, lol!) I'm looking forward to seeing which posts you choose.

  2. K-koira, thank you for visiting my blog. I've updated the info there explaining the situation a little better. the short answer to your question is that Google+ & Blogger are both owned by Google.

  3. Lovely photos. I especially like the shadow one, very contemplative. Thanks for visiting our blog. Teri used to live in Oregon and loves seeing photos that 'take her back' there.

  4. Flying dogs! And no one believed me when I said they could fly...

    Stopping by on the blog hop!