Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fair week

The annual county fair took place this past week. I went over there to check everything out on Wednesday. The dogs stayed home where it was nice and cool, with their new antler chews to keep them occupied.

There were lots of faces at the fair.

Skeptical chicken
 A llama with a hairdo

 A comparison between a regular size egg and a bantam egg

And a goat

A curious goat
 A speckled goat
 And a long haired goat

(Can you tell I know nothing about goat breeds?)

A hungry goat

A fuzzy sheep

A talking sheep (this one was huge, well taller than my waist, and very bulky)

A very unhappy lamb. Can't blame him for being unhappy though, as he was being sheared to go into the market ring

This was a curious pig, who was taking a nap when I walked up, but who had to get up and walk over to me after I snapped a picture (lets just say pig nose slime isn't easy to remove from a camera lens)

Sheep butts in a row (4-H ring, I believe these were market lambs being shown, but then, I don't really know for sure)

Cow butts in a row.

It was a fun day at the fair. I never do the rides, but normally check out all the animals (there were horses, ponies, rabbits, ducks, geese, and guinea pigs as well, not pictured here).

Then I found a ticket on the ground to get into the wine tasting area, 40 minutes before it closed, so headed over there. I tried a really awesome local hard cider, and followed it with a super amazing chicken apple dawg from Roxy Dawgs, who was serving up there.

This is the owner, serving up some customers. The buns were artisan bread made in Portland. She offers everything from chicken, beef, turkey, and pork to low sodium and gluten free options. I scored some cupons and a menu, and plan to head over there for lunch sometime soon (and encourage any of my Oregon blog friends to check it out for a meal if you head down to Corvallis sometime). Supporting new local businesses is always so much fun, and in the case of food, always so mouthwatering.


  1. I love a good fair!! I used to be in 4-H with my horse, Rusty. What happy memories :)

    Wyatt's Mom

  2. I was as amused by your descriptions as I was the pictures.

    Roxy Dawgs, huh. May have to make a fast trip to Corvallis.

  3. skeptical chicken sure does look skeptical.