Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not a lot of air

In the last of my Disc Dog competition series, I want to share some photos of dogs and handlers during Distance/Accuracy at the start line.

This little corgi was a lot of fun to watch, and actually did really well.

A lot of the dogs get going, then look back over their shoulder to make sure their handler is doing their part of the job right.

Some of the dogs were so fast though that once the disc was in the air, the dog was way past being in the frame for a picture.

I love this picture, celebrating after the end of their minute up for D/A. If you look closely, the border collie is giving dad some kisses.

Ilsa, the dog, is staring at her person, wanting her to get this show on the road.

Koira is a jumping maniac when I pull her disc out, and she was not happy that Pallo got to go first. Another handler took this on my camera when we went up, but no pictures of Pallo's runs.

A happy happy bouncy Aussie.

A lot of the handlers have their dog run either around them completely (which is what I do with Koira) or else around one or the other of their legs between each throw. The dog must be behind the line on the first throw of the session, and this is a good way to train your dog to return all the way with the disc.

Since there were a lot of newcomers that wanted to try out disc with their dogs, people were allowed to use whatever frisbee-like toy they wanted. Floppy discs aren't as easy to throw and don't go as far, but some dogs like them way better.

Here are Pallo and Koira's score cards from the event. Anyone want to guess which card belongs to which dog?

And last but anything but least, a couple cute pictures of Koira and Pallo in their crate waiting their turn to play.


  1. I love Koira's giant smile! I would love to try that with Skye, but her accuracy is awful. She just likes to chase it down and pounce on it. So scratch that... I'd like to go to an event like this and watch with jealousy.

  2. That is actually what Koira used to do. I just kept playing frisbee with her everyday, and when she made an effort to get it in the air, I told her how super duper smart she was. When she actually started catching it, I threw her a party (actually, I still do when she catches it really nice).

  3. Awesome photos, I can well imagine how difficult it is to get both handler and dog in a disc dog photo! I loved the one with the lady in the skirt with the cloth frisbee:) More power to her!!

    Love Koira's big bully smile:) She looks like she's having a blast.

  4. Hey!

    We're back in blogland!

    Love the shots of the different handlers and their dogs, it's great to see the various partnerships. And boy is that BC a looker!

    Koira really does have an awesome smile.

    I wish Emma showed interest in toys, she's got such a great jump she'd have a lot of fun playing frisbee.

  5. Looks like so much fun! Toby's very athletic, but unfortunately, he's not good at "organized sports."