Sunday, July 8, 2018

SUP on the 4th

Every year, I like to hit the water with the dogs on the 4th. I find that tired dogs are less likely to be freaked out by fireworks, and more likely to have medication work well if medication is needed.

July 4th-8183

This was Flight's third trip on the SUP, and by far his longest. The first trip was just a quick paddle around a local pond, while the second trip was a water parade for the solstice, which happened after dark.

July 4th-8187

He doesn't seem to totally love it yet, but then, Ptera didn't for a while at first either, and now she is hard to keep off the board.

July 4th-8190

Koira of course had a blast. She spent most of the hour and a half we were there in the water swimming. She wears a life jacket for exactly that reason- I don't want her getting excessively tired, and she will keep swimming until I make her stop.

July 4th-8311

Ptera and Flight also did some swimming, but mostly hung out on the paddleboard. Koira just took occasional breaks on the board.

July 4th-8343

Overall, all the dogs had a lot of fun, even if it wasn't as warm and sunny as years past.


  1. That looks like a pawesome way to burn of some energy :) Nothing is better then going for a nice swim. We would have loved to join in. Milo,Jet & Arli

  2. What a fun adventure! I'd love to try this with my pups, but the only place nearby is Lake Erie and I'm not brave enough for that! I want to be able to see the other side for my first try ;) Glad that you had a fun way to relax on the 4th!

    1. You can do what I call a bump run, where you just stick close to the shore the whole way. It makes large bodies of water less scary. Waves can make that harder though. I like small lakes and slow rivers the best, preferably ones with no motor boats allowed.

  3. Did you use a GoPro for these photos? These are some great shots. I wish that my pup was as calm and cool as your dogs about being on the water... he hates it. Great share!
    World of Animals

    1. Yes, I use an original GoPro for photos on the water. It is fun and easy to use.