Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Flyball and Hiking

We've been staying busy in the hot weather with flyball and plenty of hiking.

It was hot, and this hike had more than enough elevation gain to give a decent workout even in cooler weather

A friend of mine who moved out of state was back to visit for a few weeks, and we managed to get a large group of our high school friends together for breakfast and a hike last weekend. I had flyball practice later that day, so brought Flight and Ptera along for the hike.

Some of my friends expressed an opinion that the tiny dog can't really be counted as a real dog. And there was even some mention of me having to carry her on our hike, which was supposed to be 3.8 miles long.


Two wrong turns down dead ends later, our hike lasted 5.1 miles. And the Tiny Dog was still going strong, despite playing fetch a good half of the hike, and plenty of leaping as well.


I'm not sure any minds were changed in terms of owning a small dog, but I don't think they will be doubting this particular small dog's abilities in the future.

Ptera went on to be a total rock star at flyball practice that evening as well.

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