Monday, February 5, 2018

Halo Live-a-littles #chewyinfluencer

In January, we also had a chance to try out and review Halo Live-a-littles. These are chunks of freeze dried chicken, and are basically dog crack. Ptera and Koira both totally lost their minds for this stuff. A friend's dog went hiking with us, and despite being a super picky dog who has never taken treats from me before, she happily chomped some of these.

January Chewy-8121
Halo Live-a-littles

Unlike many freeze dried treats, these ones aren't too powdery and don't splinter apart. They are breakable, though not easy to break into small pieces. I was easily able to break the larger chunks in half to share between two dogs.

January Chewy-8125

Overall, the dogs loved these things. I don't find the size ideal for doing lots of training, but they are perfect for things where I want a high value reward, such as for recalls when hiking. The container is also great, and will be getting reused for treats around here once it is empty.

As usual, we were given this product for free, but were not compensated in any other way, and the content of this post is 100% our honest opinion.

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