Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hundur's Crunch #chewyinfluencer

The month of June has been crazy busy here. I went on a trip to California with my grandmother, sans dogs, which was super fun and somewhat strange feeling all at once. When I got home, my package from Chewy was waiting for me to do some reviews.

Hundur's Crunch is a high quality, 100% fish treat for dogs. It comes in "fingers" which are basically dried blocks of fish skin a little shorter than your finger, and a bit fatter around. The treats smelled very fishy the second I opened the bag, and I was immediately worried that the smell would linger everywhere the treats went. And promptly forgot one in a friend's car in a hot parking lot while we went in a store for an hour. But the fear was unfounded, as the car didn't smell at all fishy.

June Review-0049

As for the treat itself, a friend's super picky dog really liked it and happily crunched through a "finger" while another friend's dog liked it well enough, but not enough to eat it while doing nail trims. Ptera seems to be interested, but finds the big finger size pieces hard to chew. For her, this is absolutely more of a chew than a treat.

June Review-0050

While the pieces can be broken up, it isn't easy, and they flake apart like crazy and break unevenly. Ptera did find the smaller chunks easier to eat, but I didn't think the amount of effort that went into breaking them was worth it.

We'll use the rest of the bag as a more long lasting kind of chew option, but while I absolutely love the idea of these treats, the reality doesn't seem to be something that we would use a lot. Large dogs who need a hypoallergenic treat and like something larger and crunchy would be bigger fans, I think. If I were to buy these again, it would be to use as longer lasting chews for when Ptera gets crated when I'm at work. A bag of these treats, coming in currently at $4.99, is a pretty decent buy for that.

We were sent this product in exchange for our honest review. We were not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are 100% our own.

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