Tuesday, June 27, 2017

American Journey Dog Food #chewyinfluencer

For Chewy this month, we are checking out American Journey grain free dog food, in the Salmon and Sweet Potato recipe. (We were given this item in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are entirely our own, and we were not compensated in any other way.)

First off, I really like the list of ingredients on this food. It is grain free, with salmon, chicken meal, and turkey meal as the first three ingredients. That means a lot of the protein in this food (32% protein) is from meat sources, rather than plant sources. The starches in the food are peas, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas.

June Review-0054

Ptera seemed interested in this food, but not as crazy about it as other foods we have tried. She has been acting a little off after spending a week with a friend, so I'm wondering if it was just weirdness rather than not liking the food. That said, when mixed with her regular food, she happily cleaned the bowl, so it isn't as if she doesn't like the food at all. I'm planning on trying her with the food again in a week or so when her weirdness settles down a little and see what she thinks then, as her opinion may change.

June Review-0062

With the quality in the list of ingredients, I honestly expected Ptera to be more crazy over the food than she was, which is why I am thinking it is just some kind of weirdness she is feeling right now rather than the food. And it isn't as if she didn't eat it. I would recommend trying this food to someone who was looking for a grain free food that didn't have potatoes, or just a grain free food in general. At $39.99 for a 24 lb dog, it is reasonably priced for a grain free food and wouldn't break the bank to feed regularly.

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