Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Zignature Canned Food #ChewyInfluencer

We received this product for free in exchange for our honest review. 
Zignature is a brand of dog food that specializes in limited ingredient diets. Their kangaroo flavor food is specifically aimed at dogs who need a specialized diet with proteins they haven't been exposed to previously. None of their foods contain corn, wheat, soy, potatoes, or chicken. They firmly believe that dogs are carnivores, and as such, meat is always the first ingredient in their foods. They have both dry and canned foods in proteins such as kangaroo, pork, duck, whitefish, trout & salmon, turkey, venison, and a few others. Since they come in both dry kibble and canned food, you can feed both while sticking to the same limited ingredient diet, which is great for times such as after dental surgery when a dog may need canned food, but needs to be on a specific diet. Or when you just want to spoil your dog with some canned food.


The food itself comes in a pate kind of texture. It looks basically like any other canned dog food. The smell is mild and not unpleasant, though it doesn't smell like something I would like to eat. The beasties here, however, went pretty wild when I popped the can open, so I know the smell must have appealed to them.


Ptera was happy to dig in immediately- and you can see Theodore Trex has a little paw in the upper corner of this photo, just hoping for a chance at some of the food for himself (remember to never feed dog food to your cat- it doesn't include essential ingredients such as taurine that cats need- that said, I will occasionally give Theo a spoonful as a small treat in addition to his normal food).


Overall, I give this food, and this brand as a whole, a big thumbs up. The kangaroo formula we tried is one of the more expensive flavors, and I find it more than what I would pay for my dogs- but only because they don't need specialized diets. I will happily feed any of their formulas to my dogs, and will highly recommend them to any friends who are looking for limited ingredient diets for their dogs. Rare proteins are hard to find in dog food, and Zignature really excels at creating diets that are easy and safe to feed.

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