Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bald Eagle v Seagull

At the beach last Friday, I saw this bald eagle swooping by overhead. I luckily had a longer lens already on my camera, and was able to get some shots of him.


This seagull was chasing the bald eagle (I don't know enough to tell if they are male or female for sure, but I am pretty sure the seagull is female).


The seagull kept dive bombing the eagle, urging it on, and making it fly away. My best guess is that the eagle was too close to the seagull's nest.


Seeing a bald eagle is pretty awesome by itself, but seeing the seagull bullying it along was amazing.


You can tell that the seagull is in a superior air position the entire time, staying above the eagle and in a position to threaten its wings.


The seagull won in the end, driving the eagle off the beach into a stand of trees.