Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tylee's Dog Food: Part 2 #chewyinfluencer

At the beginning of this month, my dogs started eating Tylee's, a human grade cooked food exclusive to Chewy.com. This food is not dried like a kibble, so is delivered with dry ice and stored in the freezer or fridge, then thawed to feed. We were sent this food at no cost in exchange for our honest review, but we are not being compensated in any other way, and all opinions shared are completely our own. Read Part One from the beginning of the month.

Ptera and Theodore wait eagerly for their breakfast every morning.



I used to feed just in the evening, but we moved this month (long story), and feeding morning and evening both kind of worked itself into our new routine in the new place.

Well thawed Tylee's toward the bottom of the bag- still recognizable as food, but a bit mushier than thawing one serving at a time.

Ptera does a little happy dance when I head toward the fridge with her food. I'll try to get video before the end of the month, because her flips and jumps are super cute.


The Tylee's is super high value in terms of foods for dogs. Ptera loves it SO much it is a little crazy. Koira has been getting some Tylee's as well, but more as a topper and mix in than full meals, and she absolutely loves it as well and gets super excited when she sees the bag come out of the fridge.


Theodore Trex always wants to steal some of Ptera's food. Since it isn't formulated for cats, he can't have it as his meal, but I do sometimes let him steal a bit from Ptera or give him a small amount as a treat.


Ptera has been doing great on this food. She normally gets weepy eyes when we switch food regardless of how good the food is, but she had none of that at all this time. She did lose some weight at first until I figured out exactly how much she needed to be eating, and I think switching to feeding twice a day helped as well. Now, she is looking sleek and happy.


We'll have one more update at the end of the month to let you  know our final thoughts about the food, and how everything went all month! There are tons of things I want to talk about, from weight and measuring the food to coat quality and eye weepiness. But I'll have the best possible information on all of that at the end of a full month of eating this food.

For now, I'll close by saying that Ptera is looking forward to continuing to eat Tylee's, and Theodore Trex is just disappointed they don't have a cat formula.

His expression when I told him this is dog food, not cat food.

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  1. I have the opposite problem - my dog Soldier LOVES cat food, which ends up making him sick. I have to feed my cat, Peanut Butter, in the basement and feed Soldier in the kitchen. Soldier is afraid of the basement, so I know he won't sneak down there when I'm not looking.