Friday, December 30, 2016

Fit Food Friday: Wellness Soft Wellbites sent us some Wellness Soft Wellbites to try out this month. And I thought the best demo of how well the dogs liked these treats would be a few pictures of the things they will do for them.

December Chewy-1630

Ptera has been learning how to sit pretty, and we've been working on her duration. She is still having trouble holding it long enough for me to back up, focus, and snap a picture, but she sure tried hard for a Wellbite.


I had Koira pose with her Tuffy bull (his name is Bevo) without letting her play with it, because it was a Christmas present and we were snapping photos before I wrapped it. Self restraint is hard. She also had never before been asked to pose with one foot up on an object like this. She tried hard, and she ended up getting the idea after only a few tries.


Then of course, there is Ptera just making sure I get a good posed picture of her.


And Koira showing off her "wave" trick. She was happy to wave as many times as I asked as long as the treats kept coming.


A few notes from the humans about these treats. They are larger than I feed without breaking up, but are super soft and easy to break up as small as you want. I normally break them into 4-6 pieces, and sometimes even smaller for Ptera or if I am running low on treats. Even when I accidentally left the bag open over night, the treats stayed soft enough to break easily. I've ended up with plenty of other softer treats ending up rock hard after forgetting to close the bag up after grabbing a handful (I know, I know, I could just close the bag, and yet...) so I really appreciated that aspect of these. At $7.99 per bag right now they are pretty reasonable and comparable to other training treats.

We were provided with these treats in exchange for our honest review. We were not compensated in any other way, and all opinions expressed are entirely our own. 

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