Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hiking at Walton Lake

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Walton Lake-0079
At the trailhead (photo taken with my point and shoot camera)

We only stayed at Walton Lake for two nights, but went on a few different hikes in that time. The one we did multiple times was the path around the lake itself. It was a mostly gravel path that stayed close to the water and followed the edge of the lake all the way around. Near the day use area on the opposite side from where we were camping, the path is actually paved for a short ways for wheelchair access. The entire path around the lake was probably just under a mile long by my best guess, and we did it multiple times each day there.

Walton Lake-0071
Taking a water break

On Thursday and Friday we also did one longer hike as well as the lake path and spending time on the water. We chose different paths each time, but both were similar terrain through the woods on narrow but well worn paths. Being so close to a campground, I am sure those paths get plenty of traffic (and we picked up a good deal of garbage left behind by other hikers while we were hiking ourselves).

Walton Lake-0064
Showing off their boots on a log

Since the area we were in can have bad cheat grass and lava rock, I had the dogs wear their boots on our Thursday hike, and had Koira wear hers while on the lake path some of the time, since it was gravel and she is pretty tender footed. Luckily, I saw no sign of cheat grass even away from camp, so for our Friday hike the dogs got to leave their boots back at base.

Walton Lake-4708
Dog boots back at camp, between hikes.


  1. Looking good in those boots!

    ~DZ Dogs

  2. Looks like a nice place to camp. I can't wait until our paddlebards come.

  3. That looks like such a fun hike! I love their boots!

  4. That looks like such a fun hike! I love their boots!

  5. Great boots! I need to get some for my dog, Storm. I have some other winter ones but they aren't breathable in the summer. :( Also, fantastic shots of the dogs. :)