Saturday, September 6, 2014

Camping at Walton Lake

Wednesday afternoon, I took off to eastern Oregon to go camping for three days with my mom and the dogs.

Walton Lake-4706
Pallo was hanging out in the tent during our afternoon break. Koira was laying outside in the sun.

We arrived after dark on Wednesday evening and quickly set up the tent.

Walton Lake-4718
I set up an x-pen around the tent for the dog to hang out in while we were in camp. Easier than tethering, and the dogs like being able to go inside and lay down or hang out outside in the sun.

Thursday, we spent all day hiking and on the lake, alternating between the two. One end of the picnic table bench had all the dogs' boots laid out between hikes, while the other side had their life jackets drying in the sun between trips to the lake.

Walton Lake-4708
The dogs' Ruffwear boots. Eastern Oregon has a lot of lava rock and cheat grass, both of which can be hard on dog feet.

Walton Lake-4717
The dogs' lifejackets got dried out in the sun between trips to the lake. 

Lots more pictures, and more about our trip, to come later. 


  1. How cool, can't wait to see pics! Enjoy!!

  2. I LOVE the x-pen around the tent idea! So much nicer than tethering

  3. Sounds like fun! The pic of Pallo is so cute:)