Saturday, December 7, 2013


We are still enjoying a thick layer of snow over the valley floor. For people who aren't from this area, let me tell you, this amount of snow is unheard of here. We were predicted to get 1-2 inches of snow, and that would probably have been our only snowfall for the year. Our normal snow is also heavy and wet. Somehow, though, we lucked out this weekend and ended up with 9 inches of light, fluffy powder to play in.

The snow really is that deep. Actually, deeper, since he is standing in an area where the dogs were already wrestling and playing and packed the snow down a bit.
For snow depth reference, Pallo is just under 14" at the shoulder, while Koira is around 19" at the shoulder. Pallo's legs are entirely buried in the snow, and he has to plow through it with his chest.
Pure happiness
We seriously never get snow like this. I am trying really hard to enjoy it fully. Luckily I had both yesterday and today off of work, which is a good thing. The roads are pretty scary. Since we rarely ever get snow, we really are not equipped to deal with it. No roads in town have been plowed, no deicer has been put down, nothing. And no one here knows how to drive in the ice/snow, which means there are a lot of dangerous drivers on the road.

Plowing through the snow. He either has to smash through it with his chest, or bound through it like this.
I'm taking these two days to try to just enjoy the snow with the dogs. I took them to the little park yesterday and got all of these pictures. I'm thinking we will head to the big park in a little bit so they can really run. Its a bit longer of a walk, though. Koira's feet got really cold and red yesterday (we walked a friend of mine to work in the snow, which was about an hour of snow walking). I know I have boots for her somewhere, but I am not sure which dog stuff bin they are in.

She doesn't seem bothered by the cold much when she is romping, just when she is walking
I hope everyone else is having a good weekend as well! I know many of our friends here in the Pacific Northwest have some snow as well (though I hear that we got more here than most), and other parts of the country are getting some serious winter cold in the -40 range. So everyone stay safe and stay warm!

Bounding through the snow, on a one-dog-sledding-team, over the hills we go...


  1. You guys are having so much fun , the snow may be very deep but you seem to enjoy it :D

  2. You 2 look so happy! You live so close, yet we got zero snow. Send some snow our way :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie
    (Airedales living in the banana belt)

  3. That is quite a bit of snow you got. I think we only got about 3 - 4 inches here in Longmont, CO. I'm glad you are all having some fun in it.

  4. You guys look like you are having too much fun in the snow! Which my mom would let me play outside, but it is -1 degree out and she said it is too cold for my paws! Enjoy!

  5. Those pictures of Pallo are super. He's so snow covered!

  6. Oh what a lot of snow. Your dogs have so much fun. What country are you living in?