Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Last Minute Gifts

Are you a last minute shopper? Still don't know quite what to get for someone this year? Well, I have a couple of reviews today, both of which would make awesome last minute gifts for the dog or dog lover in your life.

The first one is for the Happy Dog Box. This is a monthly subscription service, where you or the person you gift this to recieves a box in the mail each month full of surprise treats, toys, and other awesome dog products. I know I would LOVE to get a subscription for 1, 3, or 6 months of the Happy Dog Box for Christmas, so I imagine most dog lovers would react similarly.

They include a little card that tells you what is in the box and a description of the products

I love the box, and actually have been using it to store the treats I use regularly with the dogs. You can see Koira's nose down in the corner, giving it a sniff

Here are a few of the things that were in our box. There were a few more items in there that didn't make it into the photo, though.

These chicken treats were our favorite item out of the Happy Dog Box. They are made in the USA and have great ingredients, and they are the perfect size to fit into the large size Kongs that I use for my dogs.

The other product I'm reviewing today is this Natural Balance gift pack from I think anyone who has used knows that they have some great customer service and a huge variety of products available. Natural Balance is a great brand of food, so this gift pack was well received by the dogs. Depending on where you live, you might even be able to order today and have it delivered before Christmas still!

The gift pack comes in a cute little box with information on what is inside

The dogs are great fans of these sweet potato and chicken treats, though they are a bit small for using in Kongs and too large and crunchy to use easily in training. 

The Natural Balance food roll and a small can of wet food were the other things included. I've been using the canned food for giving Koira her pain medication and antibiotics for her toe. So far, so good- she hasn't spit out any of the pills, and likes this food enough to just gulp it all down together.

Here is Pallo balancing a couple of the Sweet Potato treats on his nose. He is less than thrilled with it, but enjoyed munching down on them when I said "okay"!

I was sent both of these products at no cost in exchange for an honest review here on the blog. All opinions expressed are my own only, and I only agree to review products I would purchase myself or that I believe my readers will be interested in. 


  1. Happy Dog Box isn't offered in Canada. Or they are, but it's super expensive for shipping. I forget which one it is. I saw the Natural Balance gift box at another pet store and thought about buying it for my guys!

  2. I bought a 'Merrick' gift box for my room mates dog for an inexpensive price. I may go back and buy some more for everyone else! Had I known about it before I sent your presents out I would have just sent that awesome thing!!