Monday, July 29, 2013

Moo Review

I take a lot of photos at a lot of events. My dogs also get a lot of fans when they are out performing or participating in demos and sports, or just playing in the park. I decided I needed some business cards for the blog. I did have some business cards a while ago. I liked them okay, but wasn't crazy about them, and I never ordered more when I ran out. When I went to BlogPaws last year, though, I remember being really impressed with someone's mini cards. I thought they were adorable and great quality. Well, I found where they were made.

I have been meaning to order these cards for a while. has a great selection, an easy interface to work with, and awesome quality on their products. I finally got around to ordering from them earlier this month, and I am really glad I did.

Moo Mini Cards-6634
My cards came in these adorable little boxes, which are very sturdy and great for storing spare mini cards in.

First off, Moo lets you use as many photos as you want on your cards. You can choose just one photo for all your cards (or even just use one of their designs without photos), or you can go crazy and add a new photo for every single card you buy. I did a sort of halfway mark with that and used nine different photos for my mini cards. Designing the cards was especially easy since Moo can interface with Flickr, where I have all of my photos stored already, which eliminated the need to upload more photos specifically to Moo. I did have to go through some photos and discard them because of the dimensions of the mini card just not working with the photo. But overall, it went really smooth and easy. I did a selection of nine photos for one side of the card, with the other side a plain white with black text on them, with the blog name, my name, my email, blog url, and my flickr account. It should be enough information to be useful if I hand one to someone, but not so much as to be overwhelming or crowded on the card.

Moo Mini Cards-6638
Here's all my cards laid out with the pictures. I thought they all turned out really well.

The printing and shipment of my cards was super fast, and I simply loved them when they arrived. The only issue I had with this order was that I also ordered a black mini card case to keep a few cards in my purse without them getting crushed, bent, or dirty. The card case didn't come with my mini cards, which was disappointing. However, I just contacted Moo using their online form, explained the problem briefly, and quickly received an email that the error was being corrected. They sent out the card case the following day, and I had it a few days later.

Moo Mini Cards-6640
The card case, once it arrived. It is adorable, and tiny, and holds a good number of cards while taking up very little room in my purse.

To be honest, their amazing customer service totally made up for the missing card case, especially considering how quickly I received it. I would not hesitate to order from Moo again, and I probably will as soon as I run out of my current cards!

*I was not compensated in any way for this review. I purchased the products from at full price and was thrilled enough with the products and the company that I wanted to share. All opinions are totally my own.


  1. Your cards are wonderful! I too ordered business cards and mini cards from I messed up my business card order and they reprinted the order at no cost to me...even though I messed it up. Their customer service is exceptional, and the quality of the cards is the finest, in my opinion.

  2. When people would stop to ask about our dogs, and we had fosters, we started using Moo cards too. Yours look so great! We also started using the stickers when we go to the festivals and people meet the pups they get a "Kissed by a Pitbull" sticker.

  3. Those cards look amazing! I didn't know about them - thank you for telling us!

  4. I got Moo cards for free thought and I keep meaning to buy more. Their speed, and their quality are really something!

  5. Those are amazing! I'll have to keep them in mind. When you need to order more you should use some of those recent photos you posted with the back background:)

  6. I love Moo cards! I have been ordering them for over a year now. They are a little spendy but the quality and feel of the card is amazing. Sounds like their customer service is pretty top-notch too. I have a set of cards with my blog logo, a set for the blog with pictures of Chester and Gretel on them, some mini "play date" cards for my Adventureweiner Club and a set for my dog walking business.

  7. I love Moo! I've been getting mini cards from them for over a year now. I'm glad that you like them as well ... Your cards look fantastic!