Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July holiday. We've spent weeks doing noise sensitivity training in prep for the fireworks tonight- and if last night is any indication, it should go pretty smoothly! I spend time before the 4th every year using the small snappers (that you can throw on the ground or snap between your fingers) to get the dogs used to the sound and smell of fireworks. Basically, snap, treat at the same time. Repeat. Once they are totally fine with the snappers, I move on to the pop-its (the party poppers where you pull the sting and it shoots out ribbons and makes a bit of a bang noise). Again, pop and treat. And you know what? There was no shaking from Koira at all last night when the day-early fireworks started up.

4th of July-5591

For tonight, I plan on giving some melatonin before dark, just to help keep things mellow. I also picked up some braided bully sticks (Trader Joe's carries some made in the USA that the dogs love) to keep the dogs busy with something fun. I'll be playing music in the house as well as having the fans running. All of this is for Koira's benefit, as she is generally pretty sound sensitive. But I have pretty high hopes that this evening won't be any big deal for her.

4th of July-5588

As for Pallo, he couldn't care less about fireworks. I actually did a big no-no in the dog world last year, and took him with me to a fireworks show. I brought a ton of treats, some toys, and was 100% ready to get to the car and leave as soon as he showed even the slightest sign of not being okay with the chaos. But he was totally cool with it. I am thinking we will stay home this year, though, since Koira has stitches I want to be double sure don't come out if she does panic, and I have ear infections in both ears, making staying home seem pretty awesome really.

Our holiday pictures were taken early this afternoon, hanging out in the hammock in the back yard in the sun.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!


  1. Those are some great tips for getting the dogs ready. Kelsey doesn't like the fireworks, but she doesn't freak out. So, I am hoping tonight will go smoothly. Loved the pics of Koira and Pallo in their patriotic bows!

  2. Great idea! I'll have to keep that mind if I ever need it. Where we live now I don't have to worry about fireworks, fortunately. The celebratory fireworks our town does are far enough away that you can't hear them from our house and our neighborhood is basically made of foxtails and sage brush and many many dry, flame-attracting plants, so usually no one is dumb enough to do their own fireworks. We had a few idiots who figured since we got some rain it would be fine to do their own, but even still, nothing too noisy. We just kept the TV on for the dogs while we went to watch the fireworks and all was well, thankfully.

    Anyway. I hope it all went well for you! Sounds like you were very well prepared.

    Beautiful pictures!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  3. They look amazing! That's a great idea to work on desensitizing. So many people wait for the actual night to deal with it. It seems like people around here have been prepping for the past month as we've been hearing booms for a while now. Luckily the dogs don't care about it. Norman is a nervous nelly about certain things but not noise. I did bring them to the fireworks this year and they didn't care either. Phew!