Friday, October 5, 2012

When Things Get Wet

I decided to see if my dogs liked to go kayaking. That is to say, I wanted to see if they would stay in the boat or flip me over with their wiggling and jumping. We normally kayak on rivers but decided a still lake would be the safest way to try out kayaking with the pups.


Both dogs actually did pretty well for the most part. Pallo was just about perfect once in the boat. Koira was a bit squirmy and whined a bit. I think Koira preferred to swim, actually.

Check out how cute Pallo is perched in the kayak in the video below (video taken by my mom via a helmet cam).

After trying out the kayaking for an hour and a half (during which Koira was allowed to get out and swim a few times), we went back to shore, packed up the boats, and played fetch for a little bit.




Koira really loves the water. Like, a lot. She thinks it is the most awesome thing ever.

All of the video and pictures during fetch were taken by Koira herself, with the camera mounted on her life jacket. (Safety note: no matter how good of a swimmer you or your dog is, you should always wear a life jacket when boating.)


  1. Woof! Woof! FUN FUN FUN! n Cool photos. Happy Blog HOP Saturday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. WOW!! Now that's an adventure.

    Hopping over late from WW's Blog Hop. Glad I made it!


  3. What an outing! Those pictures and videos are just awesome. Pallo does look pretty cute just sitting up there in the kayak and Koira's first hand videos are pretty neat to see from a dog's perspective! I also love the slow-mo video part of Koira's box turns. Cool!

  4. Cool! Don't you just love the gopro? I'm impressed with how steady Koira was with it on her back. We attach it under Coulee's collar and it swings like crazy - better for photos than video. We'll have to try it your way next time.

  5. Love Koira and Pallo in the kayaks! So cute!

    Susan T and Wrigs

  6. We've taken our guys canoeing, and it is usually a struggle to keep Wilson in the canoe. He definitely thinks he should be swimming the whole time. My guys always wear their life jackets, whether jetskiing or canoeing.......

  7. Love the video, it looks great with her ears flying!

  8. I love love love this post! I would just love to take Felix kayaking (Kol, not so much. Only a fool kayaks with a tornado.) I just worry that Felix would flip right out if he got wet...and usually when we go kayaking, we get wet.