Monday, October 15, 2012

A bit of an update

Pallo is doing fine. No more seizures, nothing out of the ordinary. Though, he looks anything but ordinary when his picture is taken with the GoPro, in poor lighting, at high speed, and at close range. (I shall now proceed to pepper this update with unrelated pictures taken with the GoPro while on a walk at the park.)

Lets see...

I've been battling a cold, and still am, but feel like I'm on the mend. I think the stress of Pallo's seizure did me in, since I got sick the next day. I did still take the dogs to flyball practice Thursday night, because at that point, I just thought my headache was from not enough sleep the night before, rather than the precursor to a cold.

Koira laid down to rest every few feet on the way back to the river

Koira is doing really good with her turns. Her box work is coming along nicely. Right now, we are working on fading the upright of the box jump so that we can switch to using gutters in front of the box. The upright on the box jump can do a lot of shaping of a dog's turn, making them turn tighter. Some dogs don't notice it much, while others have a hard time with it suddenly gone. Koira is doing okay with it fading, so hopefully in another few practices we will be able to take it out entirely. Her turns are showing a little bit of double hitting occasionally, but since her rear is staying high, I'm not going to mess with it. As long as she hits high enough to do a safe turn, I'm happy. I'm hoping she will be ready to race by the next tournament (which, since I have to work during the weekends of every tournament for the rest of this year, might actually be a realistic goal).

It is a Pallo-centric world

The dogs are pretty bored stiff since I have basically been working, then laying in bed concentrating all my energy on getting well. The couple of play sessions in the yard are not enough for them to really settle, but I think taking them out in the steady rain and getting soaked to the bone would be bad for my health at this point.


So here's to another great week ahead of us. Hopefully we'll get a few breaks in the rain and I'll feel more up to taking the dogs out for some serious energy burning time.



  1. I'm so glad to hear Pallo has had no more episodes and is doing well. Glad you are on the mend too. Ginger tea with honey and lemon really knocks a cold or the flu out. Those pictures with the GoPro are wild!

  2. I think pictures from a GoPro are really cool! But I do wonder if it would work on my short corgis ;-) I don't think it would capture much but a furry neck and a bit of ground....

  3. It's good news that Pallo is doing fine. Let's hope the seizure was a one-time thing! I hope you feel much better soon!

    Susan and Wrigs

  4. Great to hear that Pallo is doing well and I hope he stays healthy and fit. His photos are fantastic!

  5. I am behind in blogs... sorry to hear Pallo had some seizures, but good news that he hasn't had anymore. Long time one of my greyhounds had one seizure and never had another one. No idea why. So hopefully you have the same experience.