Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pedigree: Write a post, help a dog!

While Koira and Pallo may be resting up for flyball practice tonight and a weekend full of lure coursing tests and a flyball tournament (and the super excitement of being at the Mt. Bachelor Kennel Club Dog Show), I thought I would take a little time and participate in some action for a great cause.

Little Miss Martini Girl

From now until midnight on June 30, for every blog post written that mentions the "Write a Post, Help a Dog" campaign and Pedigree's commitment to adoption and finding shelter dogs loving homes, Pedigree will donate one 17 pound bag of their dry dog food to shelters in need, up to a grand total of 450 bags!

Mr. Pallo Man

Even though my dogs may not look excited about it, I sure am.


  1. We did this last year! It's such a simple thing to do, but it really does help a lot! Good on you for jumping in, even if Koira and Pallo are less than enthused. :)

  2. We're doing this tomorrow!

  3. awesome!

    did pedigree say where they donated last year?

  4. You have received an award....Happy Friday!

  5. don't they look comfy! :) Sweet pics!

  6. Hi Y'all

    Stop by tomorrow and pick up the Sunshine Award I passed on to you.

    Hawk aka BrownDog