Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daily Dog Challenge

98. "Three Things" Incorporate these three things in a photograph with your dog -- a pillow, something green and something made of wood. - last day Feb 12

99. "Shallow Depths" Make a photo with a narrow depth of field today to emphasize something about your dog (see topic for hints) - last day Feb 13

100. "So Emotional" Show us an emotion on your dog's face today. It can be whatever your dog is feeling today! - last day Feb 14 

104. "Just Desserts" - Our dogs all like to get rewarded in some way, what is your dog's idea of what his or her "just desserts" are? - last day Feb 18

102. "Picture Inside A Picture" -Take a photograph of your dog that has another photograph within it. - last day Feb 16

103. "Puppy Love" - Valentine's Day is almost here. Whether you have a human Valentine, your dog will always love you. Take a picture that celebrates that fact. - last day Feb 17 

101. "On The Job" - Our dogs all have jobs, whether it's one we give them or one they give themselves. Show us your dog "on the job" today. - last day Feb 15

108. "Up Close And Personal" - Give us a nice close up today! - last day Feb 22

107. "Something Funny" - Take a photo of your dog today that makes us laugh! - last day Feb 21

105. "Something On The Go" - Interpret it however you like with your dog, just show us your dog, or a part of your dog, on the go today! - last day Feb 19

106. "Be Mine" - It's Valentine's Day, so show us what it means to you. You can be sweet, simple or silly, just show us some love! - last day Feb 20


  1. What terrific pictures of Koira! I especially like the dessert photo! :)

  2. yeh that biscuit one is definately my favourite :) xxx

  3. Great shots. I especially love the nose in the second photo.

  4. I love it when you post pictures from your daily dog challenge!! They are always so good!! ;-D
    My favorite would probably be "Just Desserts".... Look at Koira's eyes!! ;op