Friday, February 3, 2012

Daily Dog Challenge

I decided on Jan. 30th to actually start participating in the Flickr group Daily Dog Challenge, which many of my blogging pals participate in as well. I don't really want to inundate the blog with tons of pictures from it, though, so will probably be making a post about once a week (though I promise nothing) to feature the pictures loaded onto Flickr for the challenges.

The photo captions include the number the challenge is, the challenge title, the challenge description, and the date the challenge is due by (each challenge stays open for 7 days, so if you have to take a day off, you don't have to fall behind because of it). I also post additional descriptions of some of them.

85. "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" See if you can capture a photo of your dog asleep or at rest today! - last day Jan 30

86. "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time" Tell us a story with a photo today! - last day Jan 31
I was trying to get a picture of Pallo with his front feet up on the fence. After jumping over it a few times, he decided I must want him to jump up ON the fence with all four feet. I guess it seemed like a good idea to him... At the time.

87. "The Back Side" Show us a part of your dog fro
m the side we rarely see, the back! - last day Feb 1
Pallo's gigantic backside

88. "Patterns" Take a photo of your dog that includes some kind of repeating pattern, whether it's something you create or something found in nature! - last day Feb 2
The stairs, of course, are the pattern.

89. "What's Your Angle" Make a slightly off angle photograph of your dog today. Use the angle to emphasize your pup! - last day Feb 3
I didn't mean to cut off parts of his face when I took this picture, but when I loaded it onto the computer, I ended up really liking it just how it was.

90. "Dream Photo" What's a photograph you've wanted to make for a while but haven't for some reason? Shoot it today! - last day Feb 4
 I've been wanting to get a good tongue picture of Koira for a while. Thanks to some peanut butter, I finally got one I like!

91. "Who's Got Game" Does your dog have a favorite game? Be as creative or literal as you want to be! - last day Feb 5
Koira loves "deathing" sticks, just like her pal Skye, but rarely gets a chance to show off one of her favorite games like this

92. "What's in a name?" Take a picture that tells us something about your dog's name or how he or she got it today. Feel free to embellish! - last day Feb 6
Pallo is the Finnish word for "ball". Koira was named first (meaning "dog" in Finnish), and I wanted Pallo's name to fit in. His total love of balls of all shapes and sizes made Pallo a name that just seemed to fit.

93. "Our Daily Walk" Take a picture and show us what your dog enjoys on your daily walk today! - last day Feb 7
 With the flood waters finally receded enough that we can get to our favorite park again, we decided to take a stroll down there yesterday. Of course, the large pools of water creating lakes that are generally not there gave Koira a great opportunity to do some swimming, resulting in the inevitable "shake off"

And there you have this week's updates to the Daily Dog Challenge.


  1. These pictures are so great I like 91

  2. My owners want to enroll me in agility, but I didn`t want to compete. The next dog they get will be an agility champ, they say. We`ll see. Great pucs.
    gracie may.

  3. I wish I had half the photography skills that you do. My favorites are 90 and 93.

  4. Oh, KEEP THE PICTURES COMING!! You are a GREAT photographer!! I loved EVERY ONE!! ;-D
    You INSPIRED me, this morning.... I think that I'll snap some pictures of my Rose--just for fun--based on your challenge!! ;op

  5. These are awesome! What beautiful pictures. I'll have to check out the Daily Dog to get ideas for my Pet Project 365 Pictures.

  6. What a fun group! I joined as well. I'm such a dog photography addict.

  7. Great pics...what a great idea too!