Saturday, July 16, 2011

Da Vinci Days

Every year in July my town hosts the Da Vinci Days Festival. The focus is on science and technology, with an emphasis on the sustainable, human powered, and slightly eccentric. Saturdays mornings always have a disc dog competition, with free entry, so I headed down there this morning with Pallo and Koira. Koira has competed before, but not Pallo. Neither of them placed, and in fact, Pallo came in dead last with a score of 0, but we had a ton of fun watching the other dogs competing.

After the competition is the Da Vinci Parade. The parade always focuses on Kinetic Sculptures, basically, eccentrically strange human-powered vehicles.

Koira was a little weirded out by some of the sounds and strange movements, and Pallo did a "leap-back" when one of them made some super strange noises, but they seemed pretty interested in all the sculptures going by.

There were also a few alternatively powered vehicles that went by, including this totally electric car.

My personal favorite though is powered by a single man, kicking an oblong wheel behind him. He always does the parade every year.

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!


  1. Doesn't look like the pups were weirded out by the noises at all!

  2. I love the one with the red covers! I could actually see that working for a sight-seeing group.

    And energetic sight-seeing group. :)

  3. That electric car is cool but I couldn't fit Beryl and Frankie in it. Looks like a fun parade. Your town sure is imaginative:)

  4. That looks like an awesome parade!!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  5. I saw some of these riding around over the weekend. They were pretty impressive and wondered where they were all coming from

  6. That looks to me like a really great way to spend a weekend! I wish my town had more (or any...) dog friendly activities to go to, even to just watch.

  7. what fun ...I'm sure Brody would score a negative score if he could in disc dog .. :)

  8. Looks like a wonderful event.