Saturday, April 21, 2018

Introducing: Flight

As some may have noticed over the last few posts, there is a new face showing up here. A scruffy face.

I think it is time to introduce him. This is Flight.


Flight is just over a year old, and has spent just about a month here with us.


He looks huge next to Ptera, but really he is about 18 lbs or so. He has a wire coat with no undercoat, just the single layer.


Flight and Ptera get along great. Ptera loves yanking on his ruff, and he doesn't seem to mind too much. They wrestle and play every day.


Flight has come a good ways since coming home. He is still very wary of the cat (in his last home, he was harassed by a grumpy, territorial cat for a few months, his entire stay with them, which seems to have left him a little traumatized). But he appears to be cat safe, just scared.


He is still learning how to pose. He came with a fear of cameras and would duck for cover whenever he saw the camera come out or make noise. He is getting over that with the use of many cookies and fun walks and hikes.


Learning has started for flyball, though it is difficult as my club is not doing classes right now, so I haven't had anyone to help with him regularly. He does a beautiful wall turn on a wall board, and will do a dead ball retrieve and recall over jumps. But he is noise sensitive with the thrusters triggering.


So far, he has traveled to Canada once, to the beach twice, and to two hikes farther away than we can walk to. Mostly we've been working on basic manners and reminding him that house training still applies in my house.


So, here he is. Flight.


  1. Welcome Flight :) You are a very handsome fellow :) We are looking forward to following your adventures. Milo,Jet & Arli

  2. He hit the doggie lottery with you and I LOVE his scruffy face. I want a scruffy dog of my own one day. Eee! I'm glad he's coming out of his shell already. I'm sure you'll have him blossoming to his full potential in no time. Better scared of cats than mean to cats, but I do hope he'll realize kitties can be friends in time <3

  3. What a cutie pie! I love scruffy dogs! It sounds like he has packed a lot into the time he's been with you--I can only imagine the rest of the adventures he'll have with you!