Thursday, January 18, 2018

Winter Beach Trip

The beach in Oregon is actually better in the winter. At least, that is what I've always felt. This past weekend, the temps at the beach were in the 60s, and it was solid sun all weekend. Of course that meant we took a trip to the coast.

January Beach-7722

Of course, about everyone else in Oregon had the same idea. I think it may have been the most crowded I have ever seen the beaches here. But we were still able to find a place to park, and walk far enough to be away from everyone for the most part, with just a few people in the distance in either direction.

January Beach-7742

The dogs absolutely love the beach. Koira has always loved the beach, and Ptera, while a little less crazy about it, also has a great time as long as it isn't wet and windy.

January Beach-7777

The dogs like to spend most of their time at the high tide line, smelling all the stuff that has washed in on the waves. Or else up in the dune grass, rocks, and logs at the edge of the beach, checking out the smells there. They are really good about not trying to eat anything, even things like dead crabs, and I'm lucky in that neither of them are inclined toward rolling in gross things, so I'm happy to let them do their thing as long as they stay in sight and come back when called.

January Beach-7757

We always keep our eyes out for other people on the beach, especially if they have dogs, and make sure that we keep the dogs away from them. Not everyone wants a large dog running at them, even if they like dogs, and not all dogs are going to get along, so it is just plain courtesy to make sure they don't go off bugging anyone. I'm always pretty happy when I see other dog owners doing the same thing.

January Beach-7864

The day was absolutely gorgeous. The sunset pictures I shared earlier this week were from this past weekend- the one I shared a while ago was from a different trip entirely. We've had some awesome sunsets lately for sure.

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  1. Looks like you both had a fantastic time at the beach :) Such pawesome photos :) Milo,Jet and Arli