Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tidy Cats #chewyinfluencer

Easy to use instructions on the box

Do you ever travel with your cat? Or set up your cat in a room/part of the house while you have visitors over? This Tidy Cats disposable litter box is perfect. It comes prefilled with clumping cat litter, and the entire box can be thrown away when no longer needed.


I've stayed in a hotel with my cat before, and it isn't the easiest thing ever to carry a litter box with you (gross if you bring the one from home, even after cleaning it completely, or you buy a new one just for the trip), plus litter. This easy-to-use litter box makes it easy and clean to transport a litter box with you on a trip. Or, it can be an easy additional litter box for your home when you add a new cat, temporarily need to seperate your cats, or set up a cat in a room different from normal due to visitors coming over.


I wouldn't hesitate to buy one of these if we travel in the future.

We were given this product for free in exchange for our review, but all opinions are entirely our own and we were not otherwise compensated.

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