Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall in Oregon

The fall colors are appearing on the trees this week. Oregon doesn't tend to get the brilliant colors that some places enjoy in the fall, and windstorms (like the one happening right now) tend to rip what color we do have off of the trees before we have a chance to enjoy it much. I spent yesterday afternoon taking a few pictures of Ptera and the fall leaves in town before they are gone.

You can see the raindrops in this photo as well. Fall here means rain.

I realized while doing this shoot that Ptera thinks "wait" means "sit and wait" so didn't get many photos of her standing, or doing anything other than sitting. Something to work on.

Getting cold toward the end of our wet walk around town.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty pictures! We haven't had as much color as usual this year because it's been so warm lately. Neither of my dogs are good at holding a stand for a photo, either. We've worked sit stays and down stays so much that they automatically go to one of those as soon as they get their treat for a stand. I've kind of given up on trying!