Friday, September 30, 2016



This month, I had the opportunity to review Greenies from with my dogs. Since my two dogs are very different sizes, I tried the ones sized for my larger dog, Koira (which ends up being the Regular size, since she is 40 lbs, and Regular is made for dogs 25-50 lbs). It is safe to use Greenies that are too big, but you don't want to use ones that are too small, so if you want to buy just one size for multiple dogs of different sizes, go for the ones meant for the largest dog you plan on giving them to.


Ptera doesn't mind getting the slightly larger size, and there is no real downside other than that she is eating a slightly larger portion. If I fed dental bones like these daily, I would either get the ones sized for her, or else break them in half. But as a dental treat given once a week or less I am not at all worried about it. Especially with a dog like Ptera who doesn't appear to gain weight no matter what you do.


I will admit, I wasn't so sure how well the dogs would like these. Koira has been offered Greenies before at a trade show kind of thing, and she took it and spit it out, and refused to eat it. But in her own home, she likes them, so I think it just wasn't a high enough value treat to eat in such a busy and stimulating atmosphere. Ptera and Koira both ate these happily. They don't last super long for Koira, and Ptera is a chewing fiend too, but they do seem to leave their breath smelling a bit fresher. Though to be honest neither of my dogs tends to have nasty dog breath. Just feeding a few of them over the last few weeks hasn't shown a visible difference in tooth cleanliness, but I wouldn't expect to see a visible difference that quickly.


Ultimately, I would likely use these again. They are long lasting enough that if I give them as I leave the house, the dogs stay occupied until after I am gone, but not so long lasting that I'm worried about them as a choking hazard (like I might be with a bone). The ingredients aren't what I would look for in a dog food, but as a part of the dogs' dental routine, I'm not worried about it. And there are wheat free options if your dog can't have wheat.

We did receive this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions shared are entirely our own.

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  1. Karma and Quasar love Greenies. The jar they are kept in makes a distinct noise when opened, and they'll come charging across the house and snap into sits at my feet when they hear that jar open. Karma will take hers, and prance with it to a comfy spot to enjoy as opposed to just snarfing in place like she would for normal treats. I get mine through the Amazon Prime subscription service so they're about 25% cheaper than at the local store.