Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Look-a-Like

At the Barn Hunt trial a few weeks ago, we were getting towards the end of the day, and a woman walked into the open air barn we were holding the trial in, carrying a dog. And I did a double take, because my first thought was that she had picked up Ptera, maybe running loose somehow. A second look told me I was wrong, but man, look at this face. The bone structure, shape, ears, wrinkled forehead, all looked familiar enough to fool me for a second.


So, turns out Ptera (who is a JRT) has a Rat Terrier look-a-like living in the Grants Pass area. He is totally adorable, and only a little older than Ptera.

Primal Treats-0076

And maybe it isn't super obvious in photos, and you guys think I am crazy for mistaking this almost completely red dog with my red and white dog. But man, I tell you, that first glance, they looked so much alike.

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